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Cybersecurity Services

The last decade has been a wake up call for many industries including water and wastewater. There are new and emerging threats that continue to increase the risk for industrial control systems (ICS), but none of these are as concerning as the lack of education and actionable information available for end users to take reasonable steps at protecting these critical systems and the automation assets within them. JEGO is here to help industries like our water and wastewater community move forward and improve the security posture of these systems that operate our critical infrastructure.  We do so through a combination of education, products, and services that focus on ICS Cybersecurity. 

JEGO Cybersecurity products and services include:

  • Detailed Cybersecurity Risk Assessments 

  • Architecture Design & Validation

  • Secure ICS Integration by ISA certified staff

  • Lifecycle Management & Maintenance

  • Security Policy and Procedure Development

  • Cybersecurity Requirements Specification (CRS)  

ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Design Specialist Certification
ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Specialist Certification
ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Maintenance Specialist Certification
ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Expert

ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Standards

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