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Water & Wastewater

In addition to System Integration and Cybersecurity services for the water and wastewater industry, we also provide assistance to drinking water utility end users with AWIA Section 2013 regulatory compliance for the Risk & Reliance Assessment and development of an Emergency Response Plan. For information on deadlines see the AWIA Fact Sheet provided by EPA. Integration of SCADA data with enterprise business systems like CMMS, LIMS, and others is one of our specialties. We maintain a staff of database professionals that have the skills and experience for the most complex data integration challenges, and the reporting and analytical tools to help make the most of this critical process data.

Environmental Remediation

Providing System Integration for environmental projects and sites for a variety of remediation control systems. We have direct experience with contaminated groundwater treatment systems, resin technology treatment systems, soil vapor extraction systems, and granular activated carbon (GAC) treatment, and industrial air stripping systems. We have worked at state, federal, and private sites performing a wide variety of integration activities.


Experience in power includes generation facility SCADA integration, hydro & dam systems integration involving SCADA development, PLC application programming, and networking integration for multi-agency data monitoring and control. Integration of different database products for sharing information, making better use of data, and improving analytical capabilities is one of the areas we are specifically focused on. Sharing of data between different agencies and entities requires specific focus on Cybersecurity, not only to mitigate the risk exposure to all parties but also to account for the specific security requirements that vary from agency to agency. 

Material Handling

From manual conveyor and packaging control systems to automated sorting systems, we have system integration experience from small to very large systems. Services include SCADA development, PLC application programming, and field controls support. We have implemented historical data and reporting systems that provide statistics information for the process control system and integrated that data with a variety of other business systems where it can make a big impact on operational efficiency, maintenance activities, and future system design.

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